August 3, 2021

SingleHop Review | Best SingleHop Coupon, Discount & Promo

Singlehop is a world-class provider of dedicated and cloud hosting solutions. This Singlehop Review takes a look at the solutions provided by the company and what makes the front-runner in this space. We also offer some brilliant Singlehop Discount and Coupons here that can make your purchase at very cheap and effective.

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    SingleHop Hosting Review

    Singlehop Inc. provides on-demand infrastructure services that are extremely scalable in nature. Whether your enterprise demands a Linux system dedicated web hosting server, Ms Windows dedicated web hosting server or even a cluster arrangement, SingleHop can provide all of these. In fact they deliver the best Infrastructure automation platform in the industry. They have thousands of satisfied customers in over 114 countries around the world. They maintain 2 data centers in Chicago area that house more than 10,000 servers. They are also in process of setting up another data center facility in Phoenix.

    Singlehop appeared amongst the Fastest Growing U.S. Companies in 2011’s INC 500 list at 25th spot, bouncing up from the 58th spot in the previous year.

    SingleHop Cloud Hosting Solutions

    There are 2 kinds of Cloud Computing solutions delivered by Singlehop.

    SingleHop Public Cloud

    This includes an array of cloud server hosting resources that are provided in a shared environment. These can be instantly scaled based on your demand.

    Singlehop Private Cloud

    This gives you access to custom dedicated Cloud servers that can only be used by your business.

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    There are great distinct advantages associated with each of these computing services. While setting up a Private Cloud using dedicated cloud server resources gives one remarkable capability to scale up and down, but this is constrained by the hosting resources designated to that particular Private Cloud. You would need to upgrade the physical server hardware to increase the hosting resources associated with your Private cloud. A Public Cloud is a completely elastic structure that makes demand-based scaling up and down a breeze. Also Singlehop Public Cloud can be deployed in less than 15 minutes and supports both windows and linux flavors. To top it all, it is available at a very economical rate of starting just $50 a month.

    Singlehop realizes that one size does not fit all. So it offers its customers the opportunity to design their own business’s infrastructure using both Public and Private Cloud servers to benefit from the advantages of both platform types. This kind of a Hybrid Infrastructure and Dynamic Servers can result in particularly robust configurations for your organization.

    SingleHop LEAP Control Panel

    SingleHop has developed a powerful control panel named LEAP for deploying and managing the Cloud infrastructure from a unified platform.  Leap uses Ajax and has been created as a webtop, so it allows customers to simultaneously open multiple windows to control tasks like restarting servers, checking the bandwidth graphs etc. With Leap portal, customers can choose to use a diverse array of cloud hosting resources like, dedicated servers, Private Cloud nodes, Public Cloud servers on the Singlehop Public Cloud. All this power is available to you  simply inside your web browser.

    SingleHop Reliability

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    SingleHop assures the customers that it’s Networking and Connectivity services are available hundred percent of the time. An interesting fact is that they promise that in case 100% network up-time is not delivered, SingleHop will credit a designated amount to customers’ account based on the loss of service time.  They also guarantee that any broken piece of hardware will be replaced by them in less than an hour, which is quite remarkable in itself.

    SingleHop Technology

    SingleHop has its own 2 data center facilities in Chicago. These employ state-of-art technology. The facility is fully N+2 redundant, with separate Dual Backup Generators for each computer room and Dual-Feed Internet. Their knowledgeable staff continually supervises the network to ensure that there are no glitches.

    SingleHop Customer Support

    SingleHop provides all round the clock customer service by means of telephone or via ticket system. They normally respond to a ticket in less than 15 minutes time. Similarly, their phone hold times mostly are less than twenty seconds. The best part is that all businesses whether small or medium or large sized have a designated Account Executive that you may touch base with in case of any problems. Your Account Executive is a single point of contact for all your sales, billing, quality assurance and customer service related requirements. Their staff is very pleasant and skilled and make the best effort to resolve customer issues fairly quickly.

    SingleHop hosting comes with 7-day Money Back Guarantee. You also get $200 cash back when you switch to them from a competitor. SingleHop llows you to fully customize the dedicated server hardware to suit your requirements, which is great. You also have a choice of control panel between cPanel and PLESK.

    With the top-class network system, unparalled customer support, and latest-in-the-industry technology, SingleHop comes across as a complete solutions provider. The demand for cloud computing and outsourced IT services is increasing the world over, and this positions SingleHop very well in the market. The company has already mde a great reputation for itself in the industry and has brilliant future prospects. The base of it’s happy and loyal customers is increasing by the day.

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